Promotional chocolate & branded chocolates

Rather than advertising chocolate itself, why not use chocolate - a favourite national indulgence - and its wrapping to work for you? Branded chocolate bars or printed chocolate bearing your company's identity can be a very effective marketing medium.

Promotional chocolates are a great way of reinforcing your brand and delivering your message. We can create bespoke chocolates or personalised chocolate bars for corporate clients across any sector.

Why not win clients' hearts with specially printed chocolate or a box of bespoke chocolates timed to mark special occasions in the business calendar or even to celebrate important contacts' birthdays? What better leave behind than promotional chocolate after a successful meeting? Why not include branded chocolate in your exhibition goody-bags? Or keep a bowl full of branded chocolates in your reception or customer waiting area?

Branded chocolate can be designed to carry your logo and slogan. Advertising chocolate is the perfect medium for memorable marketing activity. Why say it with flowers, for instance, when promotional chocolates could be part of your campaign?

Clients can now unwrap personalised chocolate bars, boxes of chocolates, even chocolate coins and keep your business name front of mind.

If you're looking for delicious, quality and great value:

  • Promotional chocolate(s)
  • Branded chocolate(s)
  • Advertising chocolate
  • Printed chocolate
  • Bespoke chocolate
  • Personalised chocolate

...look no further!

With everything from traditional, well-loved promotional and personalised mints (plus promotional and personalised humbugs) to fun promotional and personalised lollipops, we offer something for every taste and budget.

Keep your clients extra sweet with promotional and personalised rock sweets bearing your company name, or a beautifully presented box of promotional and personalised fudge (with plenty of advertising space on the packaging area).

What's available?

Promotional and personalised mints
Everything from mint rolls, to Tic Tac dispensers, mint cards and chewing gum - the best place for promotional and personalised mints.

Promotional and personalised rock sweets
Individually wrapped and also available in large and small round sweet jars.

Promotional and personalised humbugs
From mini bags of promotional and personalised humbugs to branded tins and traditional sweets jars, the choice is all yours.

Promotional and personalised fudge
Our promotional and personalised fudge is available as individually wrapped squares or in presentation boxes.

Promotional and personalised lollipops
Choose from mini lollies or large logo promotional and personalised lollipops to make a big impact.